Darin McGowan

Jack Ass, First Class


November 3rd - Darin recently escaped Primetime Animation Shawshank style - spooning his way through walls and crawling out the sewer.  With Nickelodeon waiting on the other side, Darin starts on Chris Savino’s new show THE LOUD HOUSE!

February 3rd - Back to Bento Box for more FOX primetime business -- BORDERTOWN! 

September 2nd - Darin takes the lead on concepts and boarding new commercials for Wienerschnitzel’s advertising campaign.  Produced at Renegade Animation -- a perfect match!

August 30th - Darin’s paintings have escaped and found refuge at M Street Coffee where they flourish under the creative atmosphere of Studio City’s finest industry persons.  Reception on 9/14! 

April 1st - Darin + Bento Box = Murder Police.  There will be blood.

February 12th - WHOOPIEEE!  Darin gets to sit in on another Futurama commentary session at FOX - which means... DVDs/Blurays coming soon?  The season hasn’t even AIRED!  WHAT?

January 6th - Due to no real demand whatsoever, Darin launches ASYLUM26.COM - a site solely dedicated to his cartoony/abstract works of art.  Again, tell your cool friends. 


July 24th - Darin will be on the new Futurama DVD/Blu-ray commentary for Season 8 - out this holiday season!  Check it out and listen to Darin overstep his bounds and share several pointless stories!

July 19th - CONGRATULATIONS to the FUTURAMA crew for another EMMY NOMINATION!  “Tip of the Zoidberg,” (with storyboards by Darin) is up for Outstanding Animated Program! 

May 29th - Two of Darin’s short films (and I mean VERY short) have been selected to be screened at the Soap Factory’s TEN SECOND FILM FESTIVAL in Minneapolis!  Click HERE to see the 16 second director’s cut of “A Perfect Likeness “ (the world’s most perfect cartoon) and “A Game of Fetch”.  Both will be screened on June 9th at the Soap Factory.  Awesome!

September 10th - Congratulations to Darin and the FUTURAMA crew for their EMMY for Outstanding Animated Series!  Extra congrats to Futurama cast member Maurice LaMarche for his Emmy win!  Hooray for everybody!

July 11th - Back to Futurama!  Darin returns to board the newest season for Comedy Central!

March 24th - HOT BIG NEWS!  Darin teams up with incredible LA based puppet studio SWAZZLE for his sci-fi explodoganza “BRASS NUGGETS:  WINGMEN OF THE POULTRY II”  - currently writing scripts and looking at a July shoot.  Thanks to Donna and Kelly at Natural Talent for putting this together!

March 14th - Hellllooooo Napoleon Dynamite!  Darin bellies up to his old Cintiq at Rough Draft!  And there’s puppets in the air as quiet deals are made with important puppet studios for one of Darin’s favorite projects.  SHHHH!

January 1, 2011 - Happy New Year!  After Futurama won TWO Annie Awards, Darin took himself over to Disney where he sits quietly storyboarding for the Disney Channel.  He’s also continuing to develop his own show there with his wife and co-creator! 

October 19th - Hello Futurama!  Darin returns to Rough Draft Studios to storyboard for the new season for Comedy Central.

August 27th - Darin’s on the schedule to storyboard new seasons of FUTURAMA for Comedy Central!  Thanks to Claudia and Rough Draft Studios! 

August 20th - Here’s recently discovered footage of the 2008 Bitfilm Festival awards ceremony.  Scroll to 2:58 to hear a clip from Darin’s recorded acceptance speech! 

August 18th - Wrapping up the first two seasons of DINOSAUR TRAIN, premiering September 7th on PBS!  Check your local listings!

June 13th - Art St. Louis has chosen “Two Hits” to travel to The Centre for an encore presentation!  Exhibition to run June 26th - July 31st.  Way to go, D!

April 28th - Congratulations to Darin’s piece “Two Hits” that was just selected for Art St. Louis’ “Out of the Blue” juried exhibition.  Opening reception is May 16th from 6 to 8 pm. 

March 16th - Darin boards the Dinosaur Train at the Jim Henson Company.  Thanks to Halle and Craig and whoever’s responsible for putting him in the Creature Shop!

March 6th - Negotiations are under way to put Darin on the Dinosaur Train crew at the Jim Henson Studios!  Click here to listen to the Jim Henson Company podcast for information about the show from its creator Craig Bartlett!

February 6th - Darin finishes up storyboarding at Rough Draft Studios for the upcoming primetime animated series “Sit Down, Shut Up.”  Next up, all aboard for the DINOSAUR TRAIN! 

October 22nd - Success!  Darin’s Cartoon Network project “Stick and Monohan Make a Break for It” gets moved into CN’s development department!  Thanks again to Rob and Craig and everyone else at the Cartoon Network!

September 26th - The Disney deal is closed!  Let’s interview some writers!

September 4th - Disney options Darin’s newest show (co-created with his fiancee).  Thanks to Jill and Mike for their awesome support!  Negotiations are underway!

August 24th - Darin’s putting on his storyboarding shoes again to be part of the brand new Fox animated comedy “Sit Down Shut Up.” 

August 1st - Cartoon Network options Darin’s new short “Stick and Monohan Make a Break for It.”  Thanks to Rob Renzetti and Craig McCracken!  Hurray for Cartoonstitute shorts!

July 11th - Darin launches STICKEYSITUATIONS.COM and the STICKEYSITUATIONS VIDEO PODCAST (featuring the time honored tradition of stick figured entertainment).  Click HERE to get stickey wit it!

July 9th - BIG NEWS!  Darin’s very short film “A Perfect Likeness” snags first place in the mobile category of the Bitfilm Film Festival! 

June 17th - New representation!  Darin signs with Donna and Kelly at Natural Talent and is preparing to unleash a new batch of projects onto the greater Hollywood area.  You’ve been warned.


Goings On:

“Never Lose Sight”

Acrylic/Ink   24 x 36